Building Communities That Make Things Better (Presentation from #ASTDTK2014)

More writing on building communities to come.

We had a very pleasant and informative discussion as thirty of us circled up in a conference room and shared stories of where community exists in our different organizations, what keeps them together, what gets in their way and what we each might do to help them thrive.

We also had chocolate, which was a nice way to start the last session on the last day of a conference in Vegas.

Anyway, from the session listing…

Organizations are not necessarily communities in their own right, but when we look closer inside any large group of people, the makings of one or more communities are around. Communities-of-practice can bring people with similar skills or functions together. Generative Communities can form around collective work to produce something vital to many different types of contributors. Pulling people together can be a daunting task in its own right – pulling people together to *do* something extraordinary is thought to be a rare feat. With passion, vision, vigilance and patience one can encourage people to come together and make something better.

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