Career Highlights (So Far)

close up photo of stainless shift knob representing the "shifts" in a career

Since 2014, my career is about…

Helping concerns, like yours, connect dots from production to service delivery (and further) that inform measurable change (“ROI”)—building insight; enabling foresight.

A decade of MakingBetter


From MakingBetter to Doing Better. Career and life changes allowed a focus on local, IRL volunteer leadership roles and opportunities to live and work more authentically and intentionally.


Realizing Learning Analytics Strategies. Developed dimensional models for analytics to relate strategy across roles/teams; began design research for the xAPI Profile Server on behalf of ADL.


Innovative Partnerships. Ran a fourth Up to All of Us retreat, worked with a vendor on a PDF Annotator data visualization; launched xAPI Camps through the Learning Guild, self-published the xAPI Quarterly Journal while beginning work on xAPI Conformance Requirements for the US Department of Defense.


Building Data-Driven Decision Capabilities. Through IEEE participation, launched the xAPI Profiles Open Curriculum Project and associated weekly “Communications Office” hours to foster praxis.


Governance. Released xAPI Profile Server Requirements and proposed professional competencies (knowledge/skills/abilities) for people working with xAPI through our work with ADL.


Getting Started. A challenging first year of bootstrapping after unexpected work/life changes relocated me to NYC.


Focus on Praxis. Began standardization process for xAPI Profiles through IEEE; contributed a Position Paper to SoLAR.


Semantic Interoperability. Researched requirements for an xAPI Profile Server for ADL; began long-term consultations in health/science publishing; published a book, “Investigating Performance.”


Readying Metrics for Enterprise Analytics. Released the xAPI Profile Server and Master Object Model xAPI Profile through ADL; Supported the development of NETC’s xAPI Library; Consulted on a second career development effort, in Construction industry.


Emerging Better Practices. Released xAPI Conformance Requirements and the xAPI Profiles specification working through ADL’s BAA program. Consulted on a first career development effort for a large tech company.

Relevant Publications

Investigating Performance (2018)

Janet Laane-Effron & Sean Putman,
Edited by Megan Bowe

Paperback | Kindle

Creating Data for Learning Analytics Ecosystems (2020)

Kirsty Kitto, John Whitmer, Aaron E. Silvers, and Michael Webb

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