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  • Special Interests – 26 April

    Special Interests – 26 April

    Disc Golf Lincolnwood is bikable enough for me. I’ve been able to get to almost weekly. I met up with Santi once, who had the amazing idea to stop at Lebanais across the street for some shawarma with the beers I had in my züca cart/cooler. My challenge with Lincolnwood’s course is the wind blowing…

  • Special Interests – 19 April

    Special Interests – 19 April

    One article asks “how does doing what I need make time for everything else?” connecting with what I’ve been reading and cooking and doing.

  • Special Interests – 29 March

    Special Interests – 29 March

    This week I opened the kimono to reveal a bit about what’s been going on with me the last few years. There’s more coming. I drove a lot of miles and listened to a LOT of music. For today? Three playlists that got me through January and February One thing I want to get back…

  • Special Interests no. 4

    Special Interests no. 4

    Who among us was untouched by the many failures of Southwest Airlines over the holidays? It messed with our family plans, but there were plenty of silver linings to be had, as well. On top of having extra hang-time with some of the family, I caught up on a long backlog of shows and films…

  • Special Interests no. 3

    Special Interests no. 3

    This year is winding down, and if you read nothing else, happy holidays to you and yours and I hope the end of this year, and especially this new year, treats you kind.

  • Special Interests no. 2

    Special Interests no. 2

    I started writing up my approach to how I’d slice and dice up a data strategy for a survey… just one survey as part of something bigger… and i realize i need to break that up for better consumption and learning for readers, so that will start coming out next week. Otherwise, this week has…

  • Special Interests – December 9, 2022

    Special Interests – December 9, 2022

    Journaling some of the things I’m learning, especially things that help me do my things would be helpful for me. I also wouldn’t mind sharing a bit of some other interests I have (like music); maybe there’s something that connects a dot for y’all.