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Level Up Learning Data with xAPI in 2021

You’re likely going to be reading up seriously on how to work with learning data sometime in 2021. This will be true regardless of whether you work in online K-12, Higher Education or professional training — anywhere in the world. If you will “own” xAPI know-how on your team (or maybe for the whole organization), I want to help you.

So, I made a resolution for 2021 – I’m going to try and blog daily again like I did maybe 15 years ago about Flash For eLearning. It’s time for us all to level our data game up.

First, let’s start with this webinar (above), where I recently demonstrated a new tool coming in Q2 from ADL, the xAPI Profile Server we produced for ADL with our friends from Veracity. In the video, I explain what this is, what problems it’s going to help with and how you’ll likely put it to work. Spoiler: it’s a tool to help you author and serve xAPI Profiles, doing a lot of the heavy lifting of complex rules thingies for you.

Next, I’ll blog about how to frame a problem space to apply learning analytics with dimensions.