Aaron, taking a selfie on his bicycle waiting at a stoplight in Chicago

Special Interests – 29 March

This week I opened the kimono to reveal a bit about what’s been going on with me the last few years. There’s more coming. I drove a lot of miles and listened to a LOT of music. For today? Three playlists that got me through January and February

One thing I want to get back into is the sharing of stuff I find, or make, that might be useful or just really cool for others (like you). So with that intention, let’s get to it!


In January, I spent my birthday weekend in a hotel after being asked for a divorce, so atop any celebrating of life, I also had to call the kids and let them know, as well as resolve that I was moving back to Chicago.

2024.01 – New Year Who Dis?

I’ve seen plenty of great shows which has been nurturing to my soul. As I was wrapping up packing my things and shuttering MakingBetter, I caught Militarie Gunn, SPACED and Spiritual Cramp for a last basement show at First Unitarian Church in Philly. Chicago could use more church basement shows that are byob, just sayin’

2024.02 – BreakingBetter

When I got to Chicago in early February to start figuring out what my ideal present should/could be, I continued to go to more shows, particularly catching Living Colour with Radkey opening for them. I also wanted to switch up what I was listening to in the hopes of staying a little vulnerable and open, because I know that surviving and thriving in a new phase requires having a hearty heart. Having a few weeks to process what was really happening, it began to dawn on me why I wasn’t feeling like shutting down — I spent four years working to avoid another autistic burnout and in healing on my own, I already kinda mourned the death of the relationship.

It’s good to be open to new things and there’s still something in me that sees challenges as opportunities.

2024.02 – Silver Linings