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  • My xAPI Analytics Goals for 2023

    My xAPI Analytics Goals for 2023

    Now that I seem to be back in the writing groove, I feel like it’s time to commit with some intentionality to how I want to learn and grow my own skills, and what I want to have shared through writing or producing another way, this year.

  • Special Interests no. 3

    Special Interests no. 3

    This year is winding down, and if you read nothing else, happy holidays to you and yours and I hope the end of this year, and especially this new year, treats you kind.

  • Stop Choosing the High Chair

    Stop Choosing the High Chair

    I’ve spent a lot of time over the last four years learning how to talk about xAPI to senior leaders in organizations. Throughout my career, many Managers and Directors above me in various Learning Departments didn’t know how to talk to their C-Suite leaders. I feel like L&D has been teaching ourselves how to talk…