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  • Data Strategy Starts with Reporting Strategy

    Data Strategy Starts with Reporting Strategy

    I want our individual contributors to gain the skills and the hard learnings of working with xAPI so they can grow their skills and mature our practices independent of my spoon-feeding information when it finally seems relevant (to me). As a result, I get questions and feedback that helps me more effectively understand how, at…

  • Lambdas vs. Deltas

    Lambdas vs. Deltas

    When I talk about analyzing things for deltas, I’m looking at the change in value. Before I analyze things for deltas, though, I’m looking for changes in the “shape” of the information (or data) — which are lambdas.

  • Special Interests no. 3

    Special Interests no. 3

    This year is winding down, and if you read nothing else, happy holidays to you and yours and I hope the end of this year, and especially this new year, treats you kind.

  • What is Precision Learning?

    What is Precision Learning?

    I define precision learning as an instructional methodology for continuous curriculum-based assessment towards observable outcomes with measurable goals. The “precision” makes it a little buzwordy, however I posit it helps situate what it is in the context of its origins…

  • We’re Always Managing Through Change

    We’re Always Managing Through Change

    To make work a safe place where people feel like they belong, such words need to be backed up with deeds that account for what different folks might need; specifically folks who process information in different ways, at different speeds and intervals. That’s not just the neurodiverse; that’s everyone with communication differences (linguistic, cultural, technical…

  • On De-platforming

    On De-platforming

    Since April when Twitter first appeared to be for-sale, friends and I took initiatives to plan for a life without relying on Twitter. It’s now one month since that sale has completed. Here I’ll share what de-platforming means for me. I deleted my main Twitter account on November 10. Verification on that platform was problematic…