The Future of Learning Content Strategy (Presentation from #ASTDTK14)

So, we went to Vegas. Aaron completed another year of his life, but claimed it was a “victory lap on his 30s.” Now I’m wondering if every year going forward will just be considered another victory lap on his 30s… until he starts doing victory laps on his 40s? I’m going to need more pop rock chocolate for this.

My panels on Games and Tin Can (xAPI) were good. I love the questions people ask when they’re in an environment that encourages them. In my presentation on content strategy I explored the big change we’re experiencing in shifting to a more agile, responsive world. We can put content anywhere, but how do we keep it fresh, figure out what’s working and make sure all of the things we need to cover are being covered? My slides are awesome (because of Bansky) but not because they really explain anything without me talking over them. So, they’re below if you want, but my session was recorded. I will be sure to share that as soon as I get word it’s available. Really, though, you should just ask. I like questions.

More importantly, I offered this content audit template to everyone to run with and do as they please. You should go play and make it your own:

[slideshare id=30559207&doc=bowecontent-140128202730-phpapp01]


2 responses to “The Future of Learning Content Strategy (Presentation from #ASTDTK14)”

  1. I’m looking forward to seeing the video. The content spreadsheet is very cool. Definitely want to talk more about it with you and Aaron.

    1. Thanks Brent!! Let’s find time to talk, we need to catch up anyway.